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Elevated Plus-Maze


Elevated Plus-Maze3





  • Made of durable and easy to clean ABS plastic
  • Available in black, white or beige
  • Designed for optimal use with either infra red tracking system or Video tape recording
  • Customizable Reports






Maze dimensions for mice




(D) 40cm


Maze dimensions for rats


(B) 50cm


(D) 50cm




The elevated plus maze is a well-characterized behavioral paradigm, one of the most used tests for anxiety research. The maze contains two open arms and two closed (wall-sheltered) arms and relies upon the animal’s natural tendency to stay in enclosed spaces and their unconditioned fear for open spaces and heights. In short, anxious animals will spend more time in the closed arms than less anxious animals.


Anxiolytic-like effect of hydroalcoholic extract of ripe pistachio hulls in adult female Wistar rats and its possible mechanisms.(Mohammad Rostampour1,2,*, Elham Hadipour3, Shahrbano Oryan3, Bahram Soltani1,4, and Farshid Saadat1,5)




توضیحات فارسی

این ماز برای اندازه گیری اضطراب و بررسی مواد anxigenic و anxiolytic و مطالعات بیولوژیکی اضطراب مثل PTSD و TBI در مدل های حیوانی مورد استفاده قرار می گیرد.