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 Grip strength test








  •  A single instrument for mice and Rat
  • Easy to operate
  • Accessories to measure from the front paws,back paws or 4 paws in a mesh grid or in a bar version


Base dimensions (HxWxD)

15 cm X 22 cm X 8 cm

Reaction Time

3 digits, 0.01 g increments

Power Requirements

220V, 50/60Hz



The Grip Strength apparatus is used to evaluate muscle strength and function. This protocol relies on the instinctive tendency of a mouse to grasp an object with its forelimbs. The force tension meter connected to the pull bar is powered on and tared to zero force. The mouse is then allowed to grasp the pull bar with its forepaws while being pulled backward gently by the tail until it releases the bar. The process is repeated 5 times in rapid succession, with the greatest grip force recorded by the device.

This device is used in order to quantify the muscular strength of mice, and to assess the effect of drugs and toxins on muscle coordination. This force assessment is widely used in conjunction with the ROTAROD motor coordination test, since a normally coordinated rodent will show a low score if its muscular strength is low.

The test helps determine the maximal peak force developed by a mouse when the operator tries to pull it out of a specially designed bar. The Grip Test has been documented in numerous literatures and allows the study of neuromuscular functions. The measurement is accomplished using an accurate sensor. This ensures that the maximum force is perfectly captured and displayed, even for short and low force peaks. Measurements are displayed in grams.


The animal is brought to an almost horizontal position and pulled back gently but steadily until the grip is released. The maximal force achieved by the animal is displayed on the screen and noted. Each animal should undergo 5 trials.

1. Hold the animal by the tail.

2. Move the animal down until it grasps the bar.

3. Pull the animal along the sensor axle until grip is released.

توضیحات فارسی

این دستگاه در بررسی مطالعات عصبی-عضلانی، اثرات داروها و سموم، Muscle relaxants، بیماری ها، پیری و آسیب های عصبی بر قدرت عضله مورد استفاده قرار می گیرد.با استفاده از این دستگاه Peack force و time resistance اندام جلویی و عقبی حیوان قابل اندازه گیری می باشد.حیوان بالا و مقابل Grasping tool در ارتفاع مناسب قرار میگیرد ار آنجایی که جوندگان به صورت ذاتی تمایل به چنگ زدن دارند، حیوان به میله چنگ می زند و در همین حال اپراتور دم حیوان را به آرامی و با نیروی ثابت می کشد تا جایی که حیوان میله را رها کند.حداکثر نیروی ایجاد شده توسط جاندار برروی صفحه نمایش قابل مشاهده است.برای هرحیوان می توان 5 بار آزمایش را تکرار کند.یکی از مزایای این تست غیرتهاجمی بودن آن می باشد.